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Who We Are:
Inspire the Fire is a multi-dynamic non-profit organization committed to inspiring positive change in adolescents through faith, fun, and the arts. As an organization we provide youth ages 10-21 coaching and hands-on interactive activities that promote artistic development, self-expression, life skills, and community involvement.

The arts impact's lives and inspires the human spirit. Inspire the Fire helps young people succeed on stage and in life. As Finalist on the hit television show "America's Got Talent" Season 7, Inspire the Fire championed the mission to engage young people from all walks of life and talent levels to use there artistic gifts for good.

Who Can Come?
Participants of our program are referred to as "Young Professionals." Every participant is required to choose an artistic Major of concentration. Current Majors Include: Dance, Voice, Theater, Spoken Word, RAP, and Visual Arts.

Become a Firelighter!
It's only possible with you! The Firelighters are the team of parents & volunteers aiding in the mission of inspiring change. Help plan an event, volunteer for fundraisers, and help ITF increase it's brand visibility in your community.

This Is My Fire

Our Team


Dennis Reed, Jr.

Founder & CEO

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mimi web small


Hope Coach

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sheena web small

Sheena Croutch

Hope Coach

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Ashlee Anderson


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Tamia Corpening

Dance Coach/ Choreographer

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Jackson Hayes

Dance Coach/Choreographer

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sheria web small

Sheria Croutch

Hope Coach

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darnell web small

Darnell Edwards

Hope Coach

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Travis Walker

Hope Coach

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C. Murray

Hope Coach

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donnie web small

Donnie Houston

Hope Coach

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johnny mac web small

Johnny Mac

Hope Coach

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Upcoming Events

Harvest for Hope Workshop Rehearsals

1800 Brewton Dr. Charlotte NC
Community Outreach Center
21 Nov Friday

Harvest for Hope Rehearsal

1800 Brewton Dr. Charlotte NC
Community Outreach Center
22 Nov Saturday

Harvest for Hope RAP Session with Young Joc & Final Rehearsal

1800 Brewton Drive
Community Outreach
23 Nov Sunday

Harvest for Hope Show

1800 Brewton Dr. Charlotte NC
Community Outreach Center
24 Nov Monday

Thanksgiving Parade Final Rehearssal

Living Waters Outreach
1301 Commercial Avenue
25 Nov Tuesday

Thanksgiving Day Parade Show

27 Nov Thursday


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Address:Post Office Box 626 Newell, NC 28126

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