Sheria Rashawn

A woman on a journey of greater self -discovery, a gifted lyricist and Singer-Songwriter, this is Sheria Rashawn. A native of Charlotte, North Carolina where she was given the moniker “Ms. Songbyrd” she actively lives this truth as a performer. Known for her sultry sound, dynamic high notes and rich warm tones Sheria is in a lane all her own. She is truly a force to be heard and experienced! As a founding member of Inspire the Fire Inc. an active volunteer since 2002; Sheria has encountered thousands of youth. “I know that I’ve been here to teach them, but I’ve learn so much from them over the years. I feel like I’ve grown up with them LITERALLY, lol!” Sheria is also a founding member of Dennis Reed and GAP a vivacious gospel group in which she’s shared many successes. Having perform for major industry heavy weights: Dr. Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Lawrence, Cedric Thompson, Fantasia, Anthony Hamilton, and the mega boy band New Kids on The Block just to name a few. “Growing up all I ever wanted to do was sing. The gift of song has been God’s greatest gift to me by far; sharing the gift is my gift back to him.” With her debut album “Sheria Rashawn Unplugged”, refreshing new music coming soon, the emerging SongByrd has much to share as the evolving artist Sheria Rashawn.