Tamia Corpening

I'm Tamia Corpening AKA "Ms. 2 Live" but some people know me as @Frenchie5678 on Instagram! I came to ITF over 4 years ago! I was in high school at the time and one of my mentors from church brought me. I did not want to go! I thought it was some kind of church youth revival, but when I got there I had so much fun! I had never danced hip hop before ITF. Even though I came late, everyone at ITF was so loving and accepting, they helped me get it and be confident. ITF changed my life. My dad passed away while I was still in school. It was unexpected and devasted my family to the core. After he died, I started causing trouble at school and eventually got in trouble with the law. I didn't care what happened to me because I felt like "God took my dad away." After continuing to come to ITF it showed me a better way. I met so many positive people and made life-long friends. I started performing and I knew this something I wanted to do with my life! Eventually, I was asked to start choreographing for ITF shows! Now I have choroegraphed for several independent artist, performed background dance for several known artist, been on national television with America's Got Talent, and teach at a Competition Studio. ITF is not just a dope place for teens to hang out. ITF is inspiration at its best!