Inspire the Fire
In Action

In the Studio

It’s a special thing to enter the studio with your family. And that’s exactly what it’s like to record with our ITF Young Professionals and extended team. We are truly blessed. Check out our session together.

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The Winter Xperience

Inspire the Fire heats it up every year at our Winter Xperience showcase. Everything from spoken word performance to dance to singing. Our Young Professionals’ talent is on full display.

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2017 Battle of the Sexes

We are more than a team, Inspire the Fire is a family. It doesn’t mean we don’t like a friendly competition every once and awhile. Check out our 2017 Xperience Battle of the Sexes.

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Pop Up Day

Yeah, it’s what it sounds like. To celebrate our organization being awarded “Inspire the Fire Day” on March 25, we want to Inspire Charlotte with some of our signature performances. Watch and see how it all went down!

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ITF X Publish Brand Photo Shoot

Board member Natalie Stewart introduced ITF to the popular clothing company, Popular. The connection was immediate, the collaboration perfect. IT was such a cool experience for our Young Professionals to be part of a real photo shoot for the brand. It’s not the last for these kids!

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